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Smart Thermostats

You have to be pretty sharp to stay ahead of your smart thermostat. But really, most of us just let the thermostat do the thinking. Here’s how a Smart Thermostat saves brain-power and money:

  • Program temperatures, times, and days so that you’re comfortable when you’re home, and you’re not running up the meter when you’re gone.
  • Remind you when it’s time to change your air filter.
  • Save on energy bills because there’s no forgetting to adjust the temperature.

Thermostat issues are one of the main triggers for repair calls for heating and air. So, to avoid a service call, make sure that your thermostat is properly working. This is one of the items on the seasonal check-up list. By the way, have you read about our great deals on maintaining your system?

Note, if you’re a DIY person and you need a new thermostat: Make sure that you install the right thermostat for your type of furnace. You need to know if you need a low voltage or line voltage version.

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